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Philip studied full -time art at Birmingham Central College of Art. in 1948  he gained the National Diploma in Design, encompassing painting, sculpture and the graphic arts.

During the 2nd world war he served with Wingate’s Chindits (accompanied by his sketchbooks), and executed many murals in India for Government establishments.

Philip’s work has sold in the U.S.A., Australia, Europe and in galleries throughout the UK. His portraits include many commissions. His work received special mention by the late Sir John Witt, a Trustee of the National Gallery. Philip began exhibiting in 1947 with the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists.

He and his wife Elizabeth moved to Monmouth in 1988 to "retire" where he has continued to pursue his love of painting.  He died peacefully with his family round him on Friday, 26th January 2007.


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      River Wye, Rhyader, Powis.            Lower Fishguard, Pembrokeshire              Pollarded Willows No.2
               Watercolour,                                              Watercolour                                      Watercolour print
60x475 mms Framed.                                530x430 mms, Framed.                       535x450 mms Framed
                  Price:  £300.00                                              Price:  £250.00       2                         Price:  £225.00


     Little Langdale Bridge                             Seascape                         Boy on the Beach No2
            Watercolour                                       Oils                                        Oils
    470x370 mms framed                   820x640 mmsFramed               585x490 mms Framed  
           Price  £125.00                              Price   £700.00                      Price  £500.00


 After a photograph by                             Winter Scene                         Farm at Rockfield No3
     Richard Allcock                                        Oils                                   Watercolour
    Children of Millau                         570x490 mms  Framed           700x590 mms Framed
        watercolour                                    Price  £500.00                       Price  £800.00
450x560 mms Framed                                 SOLD
      Price  £250.00

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        Little Langdale Tarn                           Castle Coombe                Lower Slaughter, Cotswolds
                     Oils                                             Oils                                       Watercolour
                   SOLD                             1000x760 mms  unframed          510x407 mms mounted
                                                               Price   ££900.00                        Price   £150.00



        River Wye at Tintern                Staithes, North Yorkshire          Fishing Village, River Loire,
             Watercolour                                  Watercolour                              Watercolour
       510x404 mms mounted              635x550 mms mounted            400x300 mms Unframed
             Price  £150.00                             SOLD                      Price.£325.00


 St.Mary's Church & Saracens               Glavox Bridge, River Avill,      The Bell Inn and Bridge
        Head, Beaconsfield                                       Exmoor                         at Skenfrith,near 
              Watercolour                                        Watercolour                         Monmouth
  290x220 mms. unframed                       250x345 mms. unframed                 watercolour
           Price. £150.00                                          £100.00                          400 -x350 mms

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              Tintern Abbey,                  Tree and Barn at Tintern               St. Bridget's Church            
              Monmouthshire                       Monmouthshire                   Skenfrith near Monmouth
                Watercolour                             Watercolour                                 Watercolour     
     330 x230 mms unframed          510 x430 mms. mounted                     500 x400 mounted
                   £75.00                                   £400.00                                         SOLD



      Overmonnow from                     The Langdale Pikes,                       Porlock Weir
  Manson's Lane Monmouth                   Cummbria                                    Somerset
        Watercolour                                  Watercolour                               Watercolour
 510 x408 mms mounted             405 x320 mms unframed              250 x 350 mms unframed
               £300.00                                     £150.00                                     £150.00



 Portrait of Kirsty                  Portrait of Joe Geddes                   Portrate of Joe Geddes
             Oils                                       Oils                                               No,2             
                 Sold                                  Sold                                          Oils        Sold  


      Portrait of Catherine

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            The Old Smithy,                   Monmouth Castle &          St. John's House,
    Brought-in-Furness, Lancs.        House from Vauxhall               Equity & Law
             watercolour                           watercolour              High Wycombe, Bucks                         330 x255 mms unframed          301 x380 mms mounted          watercolour
                    £75.00                                  £95.00                  405 x 305mms unframed
                     SOLD                                                                                £200.00


        St. Brevials, Herefordshire          St. Mary's Church,                   The Old House,
                watercolour                         Beaconsfield, Bucks             Ambleside, Cumbria       
        400 x 285 mms unframed                watercolour                              watercolour         
                     £75.00                       316 x240 mms unframed      445 x345mms unframed
                                                                   £65.00                              £435.00


       Boats, Staithes,                              Venice                          Footbridge, Lower Slaughter
        N. Yorkshire                                   Oils                                       Cotswolds
         watercolour                                  SOLD                                  Oils varnished
 453 x363 mms mounted                                                               777 x 580 mms framed
          £450.00                                                                                         £950.00 


            Pebbles                         Langdale Tarn & Pikes            Monnow Bridge, Monmouth
          watercolour                            Watercolour                                   Watercolour
              SOLD                        510 x450 mms mounted              250 x190mms unframed
                                                             £450.00                                    £45.00


            Penn Bottom,                      Quadro Flamenco    
          Buckinghamshire                       Watercolour
             Water colour                690 x 600 mms framed
  335 x254 mms unframed                   SOLD


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